Fabric ShortCuts Information

ShortCuts is Sun Glow’s production ready fabric service.

ShortCuts provides you with precisely cut fabric panels based on your exact specifications,
ready for production.
Our state of the art X/Y cutting table uses ultrasonic and crush cut methods
to cut all four sides of the panels with precision.


  • Ability to undertake projects of a much larger scale without increase in labour or area costs.
  • Ability to offer larger sizes of blinds without the need for cutting table modifications, as many Sun Glow fabrics are offered at 118″ widths.
  • Reduced fabric waste as your panels are cut to your specified and precise dimensions, eliminating waste and mistakes in cutting, squaring and general wear and tear from handling storage tubes.
  • Reduced inventory costs by no longer having to keep high inventories of fabric on hand. Simply order what you need when you need it.
  • Reduced labour costs in handling and cutting fabrics.
  • Reduced possibility of fraying as all fabrics are cut with either ultrasonic or crush cut equipment; both sealing the fabric.
  • Savings in time and space by not having to store, maintain, sort and search through off cuts of fabric.
  • Each panel is identified with a printed label.
  • Ability to offer fabric requiring ultrasonic cutting without investing in an ultrasonic cutting table.
Cut Table

Terms and Conditions

Sun Glow reserves the right to railroad. All panels of like fabric and colour will be railroaded together.

Please refer to ShortCuts product description pages for other terms and limitations.

You will have 7 business days upon receipt of the product to make a quality claim. All products that are unacceptable must be returned to Sun Glow within 30 days of the claim being made. If the issue is proven to be the responsibility of Sun Glow, a new order will be placed immediately and sent out within the standard lead time.


For pricing of fabric shortcuts, please navigate by fabric or browse the ShortCuts product categories if you know your price group. This website or the ShortCuts Order Form must be used to place orders for fabric shortcuts. Please use this website to process your order for fastest processing. If you have any problems using this website for your order, please contact us to request the Excel order form.

Sizes provided for fabric shortcuts must be exact. You must take the deductions off and add the wrap. Sun Glow will produce panels the exact size on order to the 1/16″. Shortcuts currently applies to the fabrics listed. If you need more than 25 panels cut of the same fabric, please call us at 416-266-3501 for a quote.

Standard lead times for fabric shortcuts is 3 to 7 business days if the fabric is in stock; or 3 to 7 business days plus the lead time of the fabric roll(s) if the fabric is not currently in stock.